DoorBot (Smart Doorbell System)



Sometimes you have to open the door for one of your family member if you live with your family and it is little annoying, especially when you are doing something. Also there is possibility that thief will ring the doorbell and that makes little scary to open the door.

With the high technology system called DoorBot, you no longer need to worry about those anymore, since this will help you to open the door without making your steps to the door and let you check the person standing in front of the door.
DoorBot is a doorbell that has a camera installed and it has all the latest smart features. You can check the person’s face who ring the doorbell through the smart phone and open the door as well.

Basically, you just operate the DoorBot application on your smart phone or tablet PC, and check the person standing in front of the door first, then you let the person come inside of your house. If you do not want that person to come in, then you can just simply ignore that person without taking any action.

You can easily install the DoorBot with 4 nails, and you just have to put 4 of AA Battery, then it will last for about an year. You can also use with Lockitron which let you open the door with the simple touch on a switch.

Source: Present Viewer